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2011: Lake Terramuggus Tri Recap

The last six months have been very busy with work and normal life stuff, but I am here and what a better time to look back on the last year than now the start of 2012. It was a year of ups and downs like any other year but 2011 was the year of firsts. First time completing in triathlons(5 indoor + 1 outdoor), receiving my first promotion and also choosing a vegetarian diet eating only fish where some of the highlights but also I learned a lot about myself and starting 2012. I've still been training but have not decided which tri I am competing in this year. I really want to do an olympic distance but my body is telling me to spend this year getting more familiar competing in outdoor triathlons before making the leap to the next distance. The race I am looking at now is the Quassi sprint distance in July which gives me plenty of time to prepare. I may also do the Lake Terramuggus Tri this year which was my first outdoor tri last year. Which leads me to my Lake Terramuggus Tri experience/recap.

Lake Terramuggus Tri Recap
My first outdoor tri went well, it was fun but a little more challenging than I initially expected. The race day was perfect it was sunny and the water was warm. One drawback,  so I caught some traffic and got their just in enough time to setup and get ready. Looking back I probably will try to get their at least an hour early so I'm not rushing.

As I mentioned earlier I got their later than I should have so I didn't have time to warm up. Which I later found out probably was not a good idea. Also, I swam without a wet suit, the water temperature was fine but having a suit probably would have made the swim less challenging. I had a pretty decent start and finished ok on the swim, but about mid ways my arms felt like lead and could hardly get them out of the water. So I ended up stopping for a few brief seconds a few times just to take a breath and gather myself. Again, this may have been lessened with a little warm up time, I was able to finish but wasn't happy with my performance. Towards the end my arms were still really heavy but I wasn't very tired,  maybe one too many air breaks, yeah this wasn't the efficient part of my race.  I got out and was happy to be on the bike.

My bike was decent for someone who hasn't trained much on hills, you go around two loops to make up 12 miles. If you haven't done hill training you probably don't want to make this your first tri, it had some nice descents but also some pretty steep inclines. Again I feel a little more confident now after riding more and learning how to take hills but at the time my shifting was either usually to late or too early so I found myself in wrong gears going up and then getting stuck at times, which doesn't help. The worst part was watching all of the people who I was ahead of pass me and even some who were a lot older than me.

My run was the best part of the race in terms of how I felt and my time considering the hills involved, they didn't seem as bad for the run, but I spend a good amount of time running on hills during training. I could really enjoy it and pace my self and even had enough energy toward the end to finish strong. My start was pretty awkward after riding and then going into the run, my legs felt heavy and immobile but I guess this is normal. I actually passed a few people who passed me on the bike so that also gave me a little bit more confidence that I was doing something right.

This was a challenging course and although I didn't meet or even come close to my projections, I would do it again, it really felt good to complete the course and now knowing what I'm up against I think I would do a lot better the next time around. So I'm not giving up on this course yet, I hope to be back there this year to improve on last year's performance.

Official Results: Lake Terramuggus Tri
My splits:

500yd swim/12m bike/5k run

Swim Pace: 2:08/100yds

Swim Time: 10:43

Bike Pace: 3:12/mile

Bike Time: 38:33

Run Pace: 7:34/mile

Run time: 23:30


Preview: First Outdoor Tri!

Around this same time last year I started getting ready to compete in my first outdoor triathalon and this evening this day will come. This evening I will be racing in the Lake Terramuggus Triathlon Series in Marlbourgh, CT with a 500 open water swim/12mi bike/3.1 run. The Y indoor series has helped me prepare but it won't be the same as swimming in the open water, and biking on the road. On paper based on my past results and past results I should be in the top 10. Although this doesn't accommodate for me not knowing the course and hills, transitions etc. If I had to make a prediction I would say top 20 should be a realistic goal, but I mainly want to just want to do the best I can and have fun. The series runs every other Thursday so their will be more opportunities to improve, I can probably get another 2-3 tri's out of this season. So yeah another first for me and I'm sure there will be some surprises along the way. We'll see how it goes, I'll provide a race recap when I get a chance. Wish me luck!

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Rev3 Experience

Rev3 2011

Today I was a volunteer and spectator at the REV3 event in Middlebury, CT, one of six events in a triathlon series that takes place around the states.  It  has become a pretty popular series as it is well put together with sponsors, music, and large purse sizes, this event's Half Rev competitors(1.2m swim, 56.1, bike,13.1m run) have a shot a $150,00o. Not bad eh? I definetly need to try and compete in this event.  I love the sport but it would be nice to have some cheese to take home, these bikes ain't free.

The olympic distance event (.9m swim, 13.1m bike, 6.2m run) was today,  weather was perfect and there were all types of people and varying age ranges competing. Some serious, some laughing and dancing to the finish line.  This was my first time seeing a triathlon event in person and it gave me a better idea of what to expect when I hit my races later this summer.

I have been in a bit of a training slump after taking a prolonged recovery break when I finished my last race. This race is what I needed to get me fired up about training and my figuring out my next races.  I'm also working on a slightly modified training program to better fit my schedule.   Stay tuned.

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My First Tri Season Results

So I started training to do triathlons in the fall of 2010 with some occasional swimming, running and biking. I swam as a kid and also had a short career in college so I figure I would be pretty good competing in some tris. I tested the waters with some indoor triathlons this year, and now have 5 under my belt. The sport kind of grew on me and now I can't break myself away from it. On a perfect week, which there were few of, I trained with swimming and biking Monday, Wednesday and Friday and just running on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The experience was overwhelming after my first crack at it, and has gotten a little easier but the true test for me will be overcoming open water swimming, something that I'm not as comfortable with even with a swimming background. After looking at my results I'm kind of all over the place but I guess that is expected based on my experience, my goal is to work on my weaker run and cycling legs to get them more consistent. All of my races I have done so far were held through my local YMCA tri club. We swam indoors, biked on spinning machines and ran on treadmills, until the weather warmed up and we were able to run outside(the last two races). Times aren't certified but should be close estimates. I'll keep you posted on my next outdoor race experience.

Date Distance Swim Pace/100 Bike MPH Bike Pace/Mile Run/Mile Place
1/29/2011 450yds Swim, 9mile bike, 2mile run 1:20 24 2.24 8:07 14th
2/27/2011 550yds Swim, 10mile bike, 2.25mile run 1:21 26 2:16 7:48 8th
3/26/2011 650yds Swim, 11mile bike, 2.50mile run 1:21 27 2:11 6:43 2nd
4/17/2011 750yds Swim, 12mile bike, 2.75mile run 1:21 26 2:14 6:28 2nd
5/22/2011 900yds Swim, 13.6mile bike, 3.1mile run 1:20 27 2:09 7:03 3rd
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I know what your thinking…

Does the web really need another blog?  I started a blog a couple years ago that was abandoned about a month or so after I started.  That was then, and now I am ready to take another shot at it.   I'm focused.  So stay connected and check back for posts.

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